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Perfumer and Artist

It is not easy to write about oneself as there is such an abundance of life. I therefore quote from an article, but have made additions.

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Art study passé

In her youth, Nagel painted passionately an was just about to study art." At the beginning of my twenties I was in a life crisis. I questioned the art business in general. I discovered in 1981 the Buddhist philosophy, and it showed me how to live disregarding purely external social values, - such as "my house, my car, my yacht". Neither was a 'world curse' necessary. I saw a 'middle way' which deepened for many years through study and meditation, which expanded in to new perspectives and view points. This is a never-ending vivid, creative process.

Image: Beate M.T. Nagel - at the age of 18 - at Wittlich / Eifel

Meanders of life

Instead of studying, I travelled a lot. - Asia, North Africa, the U.S.A. and Canada. I also gladly enjoyed a 'slow travel' through Germany and the rest of Europe. It was only at the beginning of my thirties that I felt the need to become more sedentary in my beautiful present home,  - which is in the Oberallgau.  This 'meandering of my life' led to twenty two years work as a project manager/perfumer at Aromata International. It involved long-term education and training in the field of perfume creation, as well as the development of CI fragrances from pure essential oils. ((See Prof. Dr. Dietrich Wabner).

Picture: The drawing "Ripoll" - in the north of Spain - arose on my first big trip after the Abitur 1978.

ART PARFUM is being developed in 2011

Eventually my desire to express myself freely got through. I had always had dreams of working for myself, so in 2011 ART PARFUM was created. Per fumum - by smoke, that is the Latin root of perfume. My interest is focussed on the millennial history of fragrances, the original pure perfumes. To combine these high-quality, formative compositions with current themes, with art projects became my vision of ART PARFUM.

Picture: Beate MT Nagel - during the cosmetics trade fair BEAUTY 1995

Fascination of perfumes and fragrances

I am fascinated by how the creative processes resemble each other through all senses and artistic expression. - One works on something but no longer sees the forest for the trees! It is then time to stand back, create distance, and get a fresh perspective.
"The painters, composers, writers, or sculptors also describe this." Writes Markus Noichl in the Allgäuer Zeitung.

Picture: Already as young people, I was interested in herbs, fragrances, perfumes. In these notes of 15.12.1979 I had produced a shampoo with peppermint fragrance. However, I can not recommend the recipe above: The peppermint in the shampoo causes such an ice cold on the head that it takes a long time until they are again in a "normal temperature".

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