RILKE art parfum - Gesamtkunst

For a long time, I have been dealing with COLOURFUL ACCORDING. Since 2014 I have tried several approaches to this; but somehow they were not yet convincing. In my philosophical studies of the past few years, the name RAINER MARIA RILKE has come up again.

The beginning of my artistic expression, in which I "find" 7 color fragrance chords to the words, the music, to make them into a perfume ... an open process, an experiment that will perhaps surprise me myself?

7000 OAKS Parfum organic

Dedicated to Joseph Beuys

The idea for 7000 OAK Perfume organic is based on Joseph Beuys' art work "7000 Eichen - Stadtverwaldung statt Stadtverwaltung ".

To the implementation - limited edition of the perfume bottles printed with the oak tree structure I have drawn - I am looking for financial participation, gallery, exhibition maker. Please contact: post (at)

Image: The fragrance, the structure of oak moss fascinates me. I have drawn with charcoal the plant structure on 6th October 2016.


My ART PARFUM art projects are all about art. I am interested in links with other arts, awareness processes, the training of our perceptive capacity.

These are processes that I occasionally involve in a socio-political context. In a developmental process, I make perfume compositions that are linked to the art project. A composition characterizes the art project and the message, the core of the project is more strongly anchored in our consciousness through the very own perfume composition.

Image: From the 1st January until the 31st December in 2014 I painted  colorful strokes almost daily on the walls of my perfume workshop. This was important, as it was an expression of both global and personal freedom. It was part of the art project YOU ARE IN.

3 OCTOBER EXPERIMENT INSPIRATION - socio-political art project

Dedicated to Sophie Scholl and the White Rose

In this art project - a kind of "blog on paper" - I worked from October 2015 until the end of 2016. A publication is planned for the year 2020.

Image: My Painted Scent Impression of October 3, 2015

LUCE DI SEGANTINI - olfactory application of the painting AVE MARIA

Extrait de Parfum organique

This perfume is the olfactory transformation of the painting AVE MARIA. The artist, along with his granddaughter Gioconda, collaborated for a period of 17 months to inspire the perfume. The start of the perfume development was in March 2015.

There are some very happy circumstances surrounding the development of this perfume. Please read the story written by Mrs. Gioconda Seganitini in "From the Idea to the Perfume."... see more information here.
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