Exclusive perfume development

As in other arts, imagination and intuition are, in any case, the ardor of the perfumer. It is not an industrial procedure, but rather an intellectual creation.
Edmond Roudnitska - French master perfumer, quotation from DU, issue 10, October 1991, Tagesanzeiger-AG, Zurich

You are interested in a consultation, a development of a unique perfume for yourself or as a gift? An exclusive PARFUM development of your own brand - for sale - including all EU safety standards is possible. I would like to inform you about the details: post (at)

In the picture on the left: The brand"Maria Theresia L'Art du Parfum"was founded by me to develop exclusive perfumes. With the word mark ART PARFUM I realize my art projects as well as CI fragrance developments.

Children and teenagers

With the development of a personal perfume, it can be created to reflect the whole family if desired.

Children and young people in particular are very enthusiastic about the developmental process, as it enables everyone to get to know a wide range of plants. It also helps them to grasp the basic concepts of perfume production....all be it on a small scale. This knowledge is useful to acquire.

I am always amazed at the intuitive, sometimes surprising fragrance combinations of children (from school age).

My pure perfumes

The development of special perfume themes is an extremely important part of the process for me. I like to spend a few days at this part of the project where so much happens. My intuitive comprehension of the composition plays a decisive role in its development.

Image: My essence case, filled with "fragrance jewels". I have filled my precious ingredients in glass bottles so that you can get an impression of the different DUFT COLOURS.

Wedding and family

Your personal fragrance - for a wedding, as an individual family treat

A personal room fragrance gives a wedding a distinctive scent note; A so-called personal CI-DUFT ("CI" as an abbreviation for "Corporate Identity" - transferred from the business world to me by myself).

This incantation, combined with the moving memories, accompanies the young couple; With the years the developing family. In my imagination I see the children grow up in this - now a "family". And when they leave the house, they will take their family with them to feel a little at home all over the world, thanks to the "native scent".

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