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For more than 20 years, I have been developing concepts with the use of individual fragrances (Corporte Identity Fragrances) for the most diverse requirements. For large projects, I work with an experienced technician team. A brief look at this page; See the CREDENTIALS page.
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Example 1: Vehicle industry
"The scent acts like an island in the messetrubel" - Statement by  a car manufacturer for the fragrance conception, International Automobile Salon Geneva 2002. The fragrance output for the VIP Messestand took place over its own air conditioning system.

High visitor traffic - security

The decisive factor is the quality of fragrances used for a CI (corporate identity fragrance). It is on this that the whole project stands or falls. Fragrances of nature have proved themselves with a high visitor volume (documented by me since 1993). They even improve the indoor climate (studies on request).

Example 2: Exhibition concept
For the training center of an international brand "brand academy" natural CI fragrances are installed alongside a mixture with synthetic fragrances for the training of the fragrance.
The lady who attends this exhibition told me: To replenish the synthetic fragrances, I have to wear rubber gloves. Woe, there would be only a drop of it on the skin, the smell would not get rid of.

Synthetic fixatives - as usual in 98% of today's perfumes - smell extremely penetrant, intense. Unfortunately, these fierce fixatives are also being used in an increasing number of room ventilators (keyword "mark marketing").

What technology?

Natural ventilators require a special type of technique for optimal perfume application. Not every device on the market makes this longer and more reliable. I work with devices from different manufacturers; Depending on the size and type of the project.

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