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LUCE DI SEGANTINI - A subtle fragrance for the memory of the famous symbolist

Article for the first presentation at the Hotel Suvretta "The elegant perfume at the Hotel Suvretta House was presented to enthusiastic guests as a world champion in the context of an aperitif."

The perfume is available at the Hotel Suvretta House, in the gift boutique "Il Regalino".

Bavarian radio - radio conversation

Bergparfum from the Engadin - talk of journalist Christoph Thoma with Gioconda Segantini and Beate MT Nagel from 18.12.2016.
LINK to the conversation (MP3) ... After a short announcement, you will come to the interview.
LINK to the Mediathek of BR Radio... this is the link to the complete Radiobeitrag.
Luce di Segantini - a natural fragrance of light and air
LINK on the illustrated history of this conversation in Kempten.

FAZ MAGAZIN - newspaper

"It'll Luce" - to the development of perfume LUCE DI SEGANTINI
A story of light and air, colors and smells: the granddaughter of the painter Giovanni Segantini is inspired by his pictures from the Engadin for their fragrance.

DOWNLOAD of the ARTICLE (DINA3 format, 3.2 MB)
In the November issue of the magazine of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

PANORAMA - Alpenverein - two newspaper articles

"Once upon a time, a fairy tale begins - in this case".
DOWNLAOD of the article (DINA4-Formt, 1 MB) 5/2016

"The search for the light" The high mountain painter Giovanni Segantini
DOWNLAOD of the article (DINA4-Formt, 2 MB) 3/2014

TIP: "On Traces of Giovanni Segantini"
Cultural hike September / October 2017 in the Engadin - with the Segantini expert and journalist Christoph Thoma. Details can be found on the
DAV Summit Club (German Alpine Association)

Allgäuer Zeitung - two newspaper articles

"One car smells of freedom, another after vacation".
DOWNLAOD of the article (DINA4-Formt, 3 MB) August 29, 2015

"True smell - business idea: Beate MT Nagel proves ... the right nose"
DOWNLAOD of the article (DINA4-Formt, 1 MB) December 24, 2011

WIENERIN - Articles

"Schickluft - The Viennese woman has recorded the breathtaking track".
DOWNLAOD of the article (DINA4-Formt, 1 MB) December 2013

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