"Begin doing what is necessary, then do what is possible, and suddenly you find yourself doing the impossible again."
St. Francis of Assisi

In the long term - contrary to a "ever faster, ever more, always cheaper"
IIn the development of individual perfumes, (for example, via a direct order of a client), or in my compositions in connection with my own initiated art projects. I think in the 'long term.' - Over decades. This is contrary to the "ever faster, ever more, always cheaper" mantras of other manufacturers. My recipes are stored with the most exact detail on the quality of raw materials. This enables them to be reworked, and re created, exactly at any time. If the composition works, and has been developed over a long process, then there is nothing more that needs to be change.

This "long-term" view also justifies the choice of my raw materials. This is how I work with lively, naturally grown plant buds. Because these fragrances are something quite original. They do not go beyond consciousness, but reach our limbic system in a fraction of a second. In this primeval mammal, our feelings and memories are stored. It is the area of ​​our brain that Sigmund Freud called the "unconscious".

For the training of our sense of smell, we need to know the distinction between natural thinners and synthetic fragrances.
I am experiencing the greatest deficits. I have experienced an occasion in a hotel recently which is a good example of this distinction: I open my door to the hotel lobby in the morning ... and a penetrating men eau de toilette smell comes against me; This gentleman had unfortunately, or rather, thank God, already disappeared; In the form of the a cloud of perfume however the still unpleasant odour remained!

What happens to us when our real presence, our personality, is covered with these often penetrating "plastic fragrances"? Assume that 98% of perfumes "have no nature seen from the inside". They are bulk goods, marketed by the best marketing departments - yes, most of the luxury fragrances. They promise us the "blue of the sky", these artificial fragrances are synthesized from petroleum; Just like plastic.

With ART PARFUM - a triple benefit

1. Plant stems are a gift of nature to us. Their composition offers us an enrichment of our personality and gives us a presence.

2. From this aesthetically pleasing work, we are also contributing to a network of reliable suppliers and decent contracts, with global growers. It enables families to have a good work experience, living close to nature, rather than in miserable urban centres. Also, importantly, it allows families to have a decent livelihood.

3. Our appreciation for these qualities supports organic farming and growers worldwide. They are people who appreciate the earth and environment, and deal with the ground with care and respect.

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